Elena Berezina was born in Kazan, Russia. She is a member of the Union of Art of Russia since 1998. She is a member of the International Association of Art UNESCO. In 2005 she joint "Irida" women art union in Moscow, in 2010 Ney York realism Fine art association.

Elena Berezina graduated from the Kharkov Institute in Art and Design in 1987. Elena Berezina participated in various group exhibitions in Russia, Italy, Croatia, France and Serbia, particularly, in the Europastello exhibition (Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy - St. Petersburg, Russia, 2002-2003). Elena Berezina held more than 20 personal exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Moscow region. She participated in the 1st Moscow Festival of Art in January, 2007. Her personal exhibition took place in "Armonia" gallery in Rethymnon (Greece) in January, 2008. Her paintings was demonstrating at international exhibitions in Rome, Milan, Reggio Calabria, Carrara (Italy), Ney York and New Jersey (USA), Retimnon, Heraclion (Greece), Serbia, Croatia, France, Lietuva.

Elena Berezina's artworks are in museum collections of pastel in Lekvio Berio in CuneoProvince, as well as in bank's collections in Russia and private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, Italy, Israel, France, Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Ukraine and Serbia.

Some painting of Elena Berezina was marked by the award in Russian art competitions. She want a public tribute a medal Talent and Vocation by Worldwide alliance Peacemaker. She won medal Golden Eagle in January, 2011 in New York. The medal was awarding in Fantasy nomination.