Irina Kazachenko, art critic. On the Elena Berezinas art

Elena Anatolievna  Beresina  is an established professional artist whose works have got high appreciation among specialists. As a talented artist she is equally good at sublimed and delicate watercolour,  austere and demanding pastel as well as oil-paint encouraging a new creative research.

Elena Beresina made  her first professional steps in Kharkov  Higher Arts and Crafts institute. At first only her graphic works appeared on exhibitions: a young artist presented herself as an illustrator and  a caricaturist. She started to work with colour several years later and colour added special flavour  to  her works.  Todays her canvases are easy recognizable and stand out of many others   because  of  their  festivality, originality and  freshness. They reflect bubbly personality of the artist.

Elena is keen on travelling and often she revives her memoires and dreams of distant countries and cities, reserved places, which people often wish to visit. Here sea endless expanse full of sparkling sun welcomes spectators, narrow old streets  lead them to the unknown world , magic and unknown plants and flowers jollify them.  Pearl-coloured sky is blinking, tree leaves are rustling, transparent water is still and contours of building are subtly recognized in the landscapes by Beresina. The series of pastels  Vanishing cities are a  splendid  picturesque example of historic memory .

Still-life painting of Beresina delivers beauty and colours of hot summer and solemnity of  quiet autumn. It is absolutely amazing but Breresina searches with great love every element of the world around her, finding inspiration in very small things. Usual things get romantic charm and attraction.  Colours of her works vary from  bright,  hot, exciting  to  tender, flickering and cool. Delicate modeling of details  goes hand in hand with complexity of colour forms.

Multidimensional works with symbolic meaning occupy special place among all other ones . While the life around is becoming light when the Internet chatting and slang of new  technological epoch   are pushing out communication and literature, the artist is very deep in the search for new concepts. The canvases are   mind-bending play  with time and place. Shift of layers, their rhythmic discretion  and colour atonality create a possibility to  deliver different emotional states. Elena is able to reflect unique inner feeling of the characters and their passions are always neatly interwoven with  authors own feelings.  Some works which are the example of transmission of  sounds into colours and  language of the picture   really  need very close attention.

Elena Beresina cannot only see the beauty of the world around  but she has a great talent to reconsider it,  to demonstrate it in her pictures and to  create both soulful  and deep-toned  images using various techniques .

Elena Beresina ia a member of Union of Artists of Russia   and international association of Fine Arts

Elena  is a  constant participant of regional, all-Russian and international exhibitions. Elena shares her talent with spectators transforming energy of life into energy of painting. The works  by Elena Beresina can be seen in pastel  collections in Berio, Provincia di Cuneo,  In Milan,  Rome, Reggio di Calabria, Carrare, and also in some private collections in Russia, Germany,  USA,  Cyprus,  Italy,  Israel, France,  Serbia.